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  This medicine is ideal for women to use from Puberty to the age of menopause.
     Direction to use Take 3 to 5 capsules for the suffering of aching, uneasiness, seriously
     aching, stomach-ache, Lumbergo and restlessness during the period of menses and near
     to it, (or) take up. to 3 capsules 2, 3 days before menses. This medicine will effectively
     cured. Taking (1) capsule ineveryday can make protection against the said diseases.
     If YOu use (1) capsule in each day.

  1.You will have pure blood circulation regularly and will have healthiness and fresh body.
  2.You will have brightened and fresh skin.
  3.Dry skins due to not clean blood in menses, small spots on the face, brown stains onthe
     face such as Freckles and pimples, white spots and small papules will be cured
     significantlyand your skin will become soft and beautiful

  4.Aching during menses and near to it uneasiness, Serious aching, Stomach-ache,
     Lumbergo,restlessness, irregularity of menses, fewness of menses, alternating, will be
     protected inadvance.
  5.Will have good sleeps and good taste.
    (This medicine is not for abortion and must not use during pragnancy, over flow of menses
     and dierrhoea).

Aloe vera, Eclipta Alba, Terminalia Citrina Roxb Camphora, Nutmeg, Sacred Lotus, Myrica
     Nagi, Pterocarpus Santalinus, Orris Root, Cardamonsaussurea Lappa Claree,                  
     Curcuma Longa, Galls, Cobra's Saffron, Coleus Amboinicus, Glycrrhiza.


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